Destroyer Transfers

From Battle of Jutland Crew Lists Project

A number of Royal Navy service records for ratings administered by the Depot ships
identified in the table below show two (sometimes three) destroyer names across the
dates of the Battle of Jutland. Further research is to be conducted relating to the history
and programmes of the relevant destroyers in order to seek to understand whether each
man was serving in a Jutland ship.
Ships shown in BOLD were at Jutland.

Destroyer Transfers
Tender Ship 1 Tender Ship 2 Tender Ship 3 Link Depot Ship
Brisk Mounsey Brisk or Mounsey Blake
Moorsom Morris Moorsom or Morris Dido
Redpole Morning Star Redpole or Morning Star Blake
Hope Morning Star Moon Hope or Morning Star or Moon Blake
Mandate Morning Star Mandate or Morning Star Blake
Nemesis Magic Nemesis or Magic Blake
Minstrel Magic Minstrel or Magic Blake
Acorn Marne Acorn or Marne Blake
Minstrel Martial Minstrel or Martial Blake
Mystic Martial Mystic or Martial Blake
Acasta Christopher Acasta or Christopher Hecla
Acasta Midge Acasta or Midge Hecla
Acasta Achates Acasta or Achates Hecla
Hope Moon Hope or Moon Blake
Milbrook Moon Milbrook or Moon Blake
Manly Liberty Manly or Liberty Dido
Petard Lizard Petard or Lizard Woolwich
Narwhal Maenad Narwhal or Maenad Diligence
Ruby Mandate Ruby or Mandate Blake
Sheldrake Mandate Sheldrake or Mandate Blake
Staunch Michael Staunch or Michael Blake
Minstrel Mystic Martial Minstrel or Mystic or Martial Blake
Midge Unknown Ship Midge or Unknown Ship Hecla
Nereide Milbrook Nereide or Milbrook Blake
Alarm Minion Alarm or Minion Blake
Lyra Mischief Lyra or Mischief Diligence
Mons Marmion Mons or Marmion Blake
Moorsom Murray Moorsom or Murray Dido
Moresby Druid Moresby or Druid Woolwich
Martin Mystic Martin or Mystic Blake
Narborough Unknown Ship Narborough or Unknown Ship Woolwich
Forester Nerissa Forester or Nerissa Woolwich
Onslow Jackal Onslow or Jackal Woolwich
Hornet Nestor Hornet or Nestor Woolwich
Hardy Ophelia Hardy or Ophelia Hecla
Cameleon Ossory Cameleon or Ossory Blake
Unity Paragon Unity or Paragon Hecla
Acheron Pasley Acheron or Pasley Woolwich