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The thrilling experiences of Seaman Richard
Creath, a Govan lad, in the great naval battle
on the North Sea will be read with interest, as
he is supposed to be the only survivor of H.M.S.
"Defence," which played such a prominent
part in the naval engagement. When the
"Defence" went down, Seaman Creath swam
about for two hours among the dead bodies
and numerous dead fish. At last he came
alongside a raft, already crowded with men,
but they managed to haul him on. He evi-
dently became unconscious, for he was the only
person left on the raft when it was picked up,
He is now at home in Govan. Campsie in-
habitants will learn with feelings of pride that
this gallant lad, who is only nineteen years of
age, has a local connection, being a nephew of
Mrs. Wm. Marshall, Public Hall Buildings,

Milngavie and Bearsden Herald.
18 Nov 1916.
p. 9