Cowell, George

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"Safe and Sound."

Son of Mr. J. Cowell, of
The crew of H.M.S. Warrior, which has
gone down, included Gunner G.P. Cowell,
son of Mr. J. Cowell, the Acting Secretary
and Agent of the Birkenhead LIberal As-
sociation. Mr. Cowell received on Monday
morning a post-card conveying the good
news that his son was safe. It was from
Gunner Cowell himself, and had been writ-
ten on the 4th inst., after landing in Eng-
land, and posted at Birmingham. It Said:
- :Just a line to say I am safe and sound,
and am on my way to our depot." Gunner
Cowell has been on the Warrior for more
than three years,and has seen ser ice in
various (word unreadable).
Birkenhead News
Wednesday 7 June 1916
via Spike Sheldon
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