Colour Codes

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An overview of the colour codes used within the various crew lists
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Five colour codes are used within the 151 crew lists of the ships of the British fleet at the Battle of Jutland.
These codes are defined in the table below.

Colour Code Definition
Green The name has been confirmed to have been present at the Battle of Jutland through a review of the service record or other documentation
Blue There is a high probability that the name was at the Battle of Jutland but certain information is unclear
Orange This colour code is used as a note that might be of help to the researcher
Purple The name is identified on the service record, newspaper, or whatever but does not appear on the definitive listing of known casualties or survivors
Yellow Canteen Staff were civilians that served on Royal Navy ships but were employed primarily by William Miller, Ltd., or Messrs. Richard Dickeson and Company. The whereabouts of the records of these companies are unknown so it is not possible to identify whether these employees were at the Battle of Jutland unless details are received from a relative or the employee was killed at the battle. The details provided with a 'Yellow Code', are taken from The National Archives File ADM 177/133 Pages 500-565 Canteen Staff (Medal Allocation) and serve only as a guide.