Collier, Ronald Inglis

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Collier, Ronald Inglis

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A Beckenham family with noble traditions suffers yet again in the great world wide struggle. Lieut. Ronald Collier, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. G.H. Collier of Woodcote, Westgate road, Beckenham, went down on H.M.S. "Tipperary" in the naval battle of last week. He is another grandson of the late Major-Genl. Sir John Inglis, K.C.B., to fall in his country's cause, and thus do honour to a name for ever memorable as the defender of the Residency in the Siege of Lucknow.
His cousin, Lieut. John Inglis fell on the field last October. We are glad to learn that his brother, who is also in the navy, is safe, and was able to get leave for a short time. The late Leiut. Collier was born on April 30th, 1890, educated at Devonshire House School, Bexhill-on-Sea, and Stubbington House, Fareham, subsequently joining the "Britannia" January 1905, and on leaving gaining the second gunnery prize. A midshipman in May, 1906, Sub-Lieut. in June, 1910, and Lieut. in January 1911, he was well prepared for the great day when Britian's navy would really serve her as her sure shield. He had served in H.M.S. "Black Prince," "Russell," "Africa," "Crescent," and "Duke of Edinburgh," and on the outbreak of war was appointed to the command of Torpedo Boat 30, afterwards as Torpedo Lieutenant in several boats and finally the "Tipperary." In this he met the death which we know he would have proudly wished and in sorrowing for the family and the relatives whose connections with Beckenham are so close, we share with them the knowledge that the memory of these glorious lads does not die, but lives for ever.
Beckenham Journal
Saturday, June 10, 1916
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