Buick, Leigh

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Mr. and Mrs. Buick of Killarney, St. John's Road, Crowborough, have received an intimation to the effect that the death of Leading Seaman Buick must be presumed, inasmuch as he was serving on H.M.S. Black Prince at the time of the great British Naval victory in the North Sea. The gallant sailor was the elder son of Mr. and Mrs. Buick, and was an Old Boy of St. John's Schools, Crowborough. He was afterwards employed for about 18 months by Mr. Frank Humphry, solicitor, Crowborough, and for about the same period by Messrs. Rice Brothers. He was born on the 28th April 1888, and had served in H.M. Navy for some ten years. He was a gun layer of the 1st class and a keen and efficient sailor, always most zealous in the performance of his duties. Leading Seaman Buick married twelve months ago, and had resided at Portsmouth. He is a nephew of Mr. and Mrs. R. Buick of Hawkenbury. His brother Frank was with the R.F.A. in Salonika, and took part in the Dardanelles operations.
The Courier 16 June 1916 via Spike Sheldon