Browning, Guy Arnott

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Chaplain Naval Instructor Guy Arrott Browning

Guy was born on December 15th 1876, the third son of Royal Navy Captain George Browning and his wife Mary. He came to Dulwich from the Manor House School in Clapham, and started at the College at the same time as his brother Kendall, who was eighteen months older. A year after leaving he went on to St. John’s College, Cambridge, graduating with an honours degree in Maths in the summer of 1900; subsequently going on to qualify as a clergyman, graduating from the Clerical Training School at Cambridge in 1903, having spent much of his training serving as Curate at Dawlish in Devon, where his family lived. After qualifying he joined the Royal Navy as a Chaplain, and spent his first four years serving in the Mediterranean, aboard at first H.M.S. Exmouth, and then Prince of Wales and Implacable. In 1907 he returned to home waters, where he was to spend the next five years, aboard H.M.S.’s King Edward VII, Roxburgh and Dreadnought. In 1912 he was posted to Cape Station in Southern Africa, aboard H.M.S. Forte.

This posting was soon brought to an end by the War, which necessitated the Forte return to British home waters. At first Guy was to remain assigned to the Forte, before in 1915 being assigned to H.M.S. Indefatigable. He was still serving aboard Indefatigable the next year when, on 31st May, it was sunk during the Battle of Jutland, with the loss of all but two of her crew of over 1000.

From The Fallen of the Great War, Dulwich College