Black Prince Group Photograph No.6

From Battle of Jutland Crew Lists Project
Black Prince Group Photograph No.6

Narrative Source Photograph
Scotttish miners lost with Black Prince, and newspaper report Linlithgowshire Gazette
9 June 1916
via Spike Sheldon

Seven strong young miners left the coalpits
in January, 1915, and enrolled as stokers in the
Navy. They were all sooner or later drafted
on board the Black Prince, and from their
letters and the number of photographs which
they sent home from time to time it is evident
that they were extremely proud of their ship

The names of the lost men are:-

Richard Cowan (25), fourth son of Mr Wm.
Cowan, miner, 134 Castleloan.

Alex. Neish (22) third son of Mr Alex. Neish,
miner, 99 Castleloan.

Geo. Ford (24), fifth son of Mr Geo. Ford
miner, 140 Castleloan.

Thos. Rooney (23), eighth son of Mr Robt.
Rooney, miner, 90 Furnace Row.

James Roberton (22), third son of Mr Wm.
Robertson, miner, Furnace Row.

Richard Hamilton (22), oldest son of John
Hamilton who is at present serving with the
Naval Labour Company at Le Havre. His
home is at Furnace Row.

Peter M'Gillivray (25), second son of Mr
Arch. M'Gillivray, labourer, Foundry Square.
He formerly served on H.M.S. Tartar.
Linlithgowshire Gazette
9 June 1916
via Spike Sheldon