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Reports on the Battle of Jutland
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Link Narrative Name Ship Date
(if known)
Report Commanding officer's report of the battle Hopkins, Sydney Sparrowhawk -
Report A rough account of the ‘naval Engagement’
between the ‘British and German Fleets’
off the coast of Jutland
Hayman, James William Iron Duke -
Report Summary of notes made immediately after
the action of the 31st May, 1916.
Alderton, Frederick William Malaya October 1916
Report Narrative of Petty Officer (Gunner's Mate)
E. Francis of "X" Turret
Francis, Ernest Benjamin Queen Mary -
Report Report of Senior Surviving Uninjured Officer HMS
Queen Mary
Storey, Jocelyn Latham Queen Mary 3rd June 1916
Letter Letter about the battle from Lt Commander Arthur
Marsden, one of only three survivors of his ship,
to his friend Commander James Pipon of HMS
Marsden, Arthur Ardent August 6th
Report Report of Commanding officer HMS Ardent Marsden, Arthur Ardent 3rd June 1916
Document One Thousand Days - The life and times of the
battle-cruiser HMS Queen Mary 1913-16
By M.W. Williams Queen Mary On going
Diary A North Sea Diary 1914-1918 King-Hall, William Stephen Richard Southampton -
Report Submitted by Rich Brook - account by the Gunnery
Officer of HMS New Zealand in the papers of his
Great Grandfather (Commander (later Vice Admiral
Sir) James Pipon). Lieutenant Commander Smith
was New Zealand's Gunnery Officer at Jutland.
Smith, Arthur Douglas Wales New Zealand -
Diary The Diary of Thomas Victor Rayson Rayson, Thomas Victor Falmouth 4/8/1914 to 19/8/1916
Report Captain's Report H.M.S. Bellona Dutton, Arthur Brandreth Scott Bellona 2nd June 1916
Letter A letter to his father with a description of the Battle
of Jutland
Heyes, Sam Coope Chester 15th June 1916
Letter Specimen letter from Ellen, Lady Hood to next of kin
of H.M.S. Invincible casualties
McLean, MacDonald Murdoch Invincible 1916
Report Report of Senior Surviving Officer HMS
Dannreuther, Hubert Edward Invincible 2nd June 1916
Report Captain's Report HMS Inflexible Heaton-Ellis, Edward Henry Fitzhardinge Inflexible 2nd June 1916
Report Report of Senior Officer
3rd Battle Cruiser Squadron
Kennedy, Francis William Indomitable 2nd June 1916
Report Report of Gunnery Officer HMS Indomitable Mackinnon, Lachlan Donald Ian Indomitable 10th June 1916
Report Captain's Report HMS Thunderer Fergusson, James Andrew Thunderer 3rd June 1916