Andrews, Horace Thomas

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A heavy toll has been exacted from Bristol and the district in connection with the great naval battle. Scarcely a day goes by without the announcement of the sacrifice of a young and brave life for King and country. Our photo reproduction is that of Horace Andrews, leading signalman, who went down with H.M.S. Queen Mary.
He was the youngest son of the late Mr. Edward Andrews, relieving officer, of the Bristol Board of Guardians, and was in the Princess Royal in the fight off Heligoland. When Admiral Beatty hoisted his flag on the Princess Royal, Signalman Andrews was only 19 years of age. Two elder brothers are fighting for King and country, one in H.M. Navy, and one in the 3rd Hussars in France.
Western Daily Press 23 June 1916 via Spike Sheldon
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