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On many occasions individuals served in the Royal Navy under names that were not their birth names. This might be due cultural reasons or that the individual did not want to be easily traced.
Also Known As - Aliases
Name on Jutland
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Ship Additional
Allen, George Koch, George Able Seaman J6115 Lion
Bailey, James Platt, James Able Seaman SS713 Barham
Baker, George Henry Burch, Harry May Able Seaman J23985 Thunderer
Ball, Thomas William Smith, Thomas William Able Seaman 209854 Indomitable
Bandal, Woolf Cohen, Jack Wolfe Private RMLI 9930 Princess Royal
Barrett, Leopold Arthur Edwin Foster, Leopold Able Seaman J16689 Bellerophon
Bartholomew, Edward George Salthouse, George Stoker RNR S 5181 Invincible (Served as SALTHOUSE), Son of Mathew and Mary Ellen Bartholomew, of 47, Lilley St., Hartlepool.
Belfield, Victor Stromeyer, Victor Midshipman Canada
Berrecloth, Charles Henry Berry, Charles Able Seaman 192013 Southampton Service record shows name
of Charles Berry

although note on record shows
According to relatives this man's
correct name is W.G.Berrecloth
served as W.Berry (GR 5970)
Berry, Will Sansom, William Armourer's Crew M12401 Collingwood
Borreson, Charles Oscar Borresen, Oscar Private RMLI 10485 Monarch
Bowen, Henry Bowen, Harry Stoker RNR S 3770 Defence Service record has
name as Bowen, Harry
Commonwealth War Grave
has name as Bowen, Henry
Son of John Bowen
and the late Mary Bowen.
Boyle, Patrick Holland, Robert Able Seaman Clyde Z/7664 Warspite
Bradley, Patrick McTernan, Patrick Stoker 1st Class 302216 Tiger
Breacher, Rees Davies, Albert Able Seaman RNVR Wales Z/906 Invincible

Breacher, Rees
Rees Breacher was in the South Wales
Borderers. It appears that after recovering
from wounds, he performed home service
with the army. Wishing to play a more
active part in the war, he deserted, and
enlisted in the Wales Division of the
RNVR under an assumed name
of Albert Davies Z/906.
Buckland, Arthur George Bond, Arthur George Private RMLI 13939 Duke of Edinburgh
Burghersh, Vere Anthony Francis St Clair Earl Of Westmorland Sub-Lieutenant Lion
Burrage, Cecil James Simms, Cecil James Stoker 1st Class K23154 Southampton
Byers, Sidney Alfred Byers, Samuel Alfred Able Seaman 239309 Conqueror
Carpenter, Louis William Brown, George Henry Chief Stoker 280521 Achates
Chilvers, Wilfred Westoby Chilver, Charles Stoker Petty Officer 307267 Inflexible
Christmas, Harry Gregory, Thomas Stoker 1st Class 302816 Hercules
Colville, Hugh Davenport Wakeman-Colville, Hugh Davenport Commander Porpoise Name changed to Wakeman-Colville
(CW 5567/27)
Conner, Richard Charles Connor, John Acting Leading Stoker K17363 New Zealand
Cork, William Arthur Harvey, William Arthur Ordinary Signalman J22829 Indomitable
Coyne, Charles James Fuller, Charles James Able Seaman RNVR London Z/2487 Superb
Crawt, James Bishop, James Stoker 1st Class K5330 Black Prince Service Record states:
According to relatives this
man's correct name is
J.Crawt Served as James
Bishop (GR 5970)
Cunningham,Thomas Robertshaw Robertshaw, Thomas Able Seaman SS5233 Royalist
Downing, Harold Arthur Franklin, Harold George Stoker 1st Class K24059 Monarch
Driscoll, John Maurice Minehane, John Maurice Ordinary Seaman J38382 Onslow
Elcome, Herbert George Breach, Herbert George Signal Boy J31306 Benbow
Elmer, George Jonathan Kennett, George Chief Stoker 277097 Hampshire
Emmett, Maurice Maher, Maurice Musician RMB 1509 Invincible (Served as MAHER), Son of Mary Emmett, of 72, Kirk St., Bolton, Lancs, and the late John Emmett. Born at Colne, Lancs.
Farrar, Harrold Foxlee, Arthur Ordinary Seaman J50243 Royal Oak
Fennell, William Jones, William Chief Petty Officer (NS) 174938 Moon
Ferguson, Patrick Heron Watson Haig-Ferguson, Patrick Heron Watson Midshipman Tiger Surname changed to Haig-Ferguson
in 1919
Fielding, William Cornelius Yellop, William Cornelius Boy 1st Class J35479 Neptune
Flett, David Thomson Arbuckle, David Stoker 1st Class SS110349 Bellerophon
Flippence, Arthur George Sylvester Flipping, Arthur George Musician RMB 1240 King George V
Flower, Robert William Richardson, Robert William Able Seaman J23565 Cochrane
Foulsham, Leonard Fletcher Warnes, Leonard Stoker 1st Class K3215 Fearless
Gallagher, Joseph Chapman, Samuel Stoker 1st Class K31920 Centurion Late SS115015
Gill, Frank Didier, Frank Mosley Private RMLI 13839 Ajax
Gill, Joseph William James, Henry John Stoker 2nd Class K30700 Falmouth
Glendon, Robert Glendon, Joseph Stoker RNR S 5838 Yarmouth discharged SNLR July 1916
S/R indicates real name was
Joseph Glendon, received war medal and
victory from War Office but it is unclear
at this point which name he served under
in the army as no medal card found
Graham, Charles William Graham, John Stoker 1st Class SS116733 Birkenhead
Greenaway, Walter Joseph Henry Foster, Walter Joseph Henry Chief Ship's Cook 346254 Vanguard
Greenway, Ernest Greenaway, Alfred Ernest Stoker 1st Class K23013 Gloucester Also J24368
Hallett, Charles Gordon Heys Heys-Hallett, Charles Gordon Midshipman Malaya
Hanratty, Peter Hart, Peter Henry Stoker 1st Class SS110424 Lion
Harckham, Albert Edward Randolph Prior, Albert Edward Electrical Artificer 2nd Class 347404 Princess Royal
Heatheringrton, Thomas Purse, Thomas Able Seaman RNVR Clyde Z/5890 Hercules "DD: Killed in action on

31 May 1916"

Hartwell, George Alexander Horton, John Stoker RNR S 3709 Defence
Healy, Frederick John Clarke, Frederick John Stoker 1st Class K27404 Tipperary Service Record:
According to relatives
this man's correct name
is F.J.Healy. Served as
F.J. Clarke (GR 5970)
Heatherington, Thomas Purse, Thomas Able Seaman RNVR Clyde Z/5890 Warrior "DD: Killed in action on

31 May 1916"

Henery, Edward James Willis, Edward James Boy 1st Class J31445 Erin
Hicks, William Sidney Lewis, William Sidney Stoker 1st Class K20859 Inflexible Service record is for
William Sidney Lewis
but a note states
correct name HICKS
Hill, Thomas Page Hill, Reginald John Hamilton Sergeant 12219 Hampshire The casualty list for HMS Hampshire
shows his name as
Hill, Thomas Page but his
his service record only
shows his name as
Hill, Reginald John Hamilton
both show his official number
as 12219
Hollick, Louis Alexander Sparks, Thomas Stoker 1st Class K1130 Canada
Holt, Albert Reginald Eichholtz, Albert Reginald Leading Stoker K10711 Canada
Hood, James Broadley Broadley, James Petty Officer 231038 Shannon
Hopkins, Frank Thomas Botting, Frank Thomas Leading Cook's Mate M95 Faulknor
Isaacs, Abraham Levy Layton, Abraham Levy Leading Seaman J24059 Champion
Jacques, Thomas Charles Petrie, Charles Thomas Able Seaman J12761 Marlborough
Johnson, Harry Smooker, Harry Stoker Petty Officer 296982 Iron Duke
Jones, Thomas Charles Evans, Thomas Edward Charles Private RMLI 16162 Princess Royal
Jones, William Francis Hogg, William Flint Stoker RNR U 2098 Tiger Not identified by his later
name of William Flint Hogg
until 1917
Kempshall, John William Edwards, John Private RMLI 11859 Vanguard
Kinge, Charles John Frederick Bedford, Charles Frank Able Seaman (ST Acting) SS3458 Acasta
Layton, George Samuel Williams, Frederick John Pritchard Stoker Petty Officer 310748 Inflexible According to relatives this man's
correct name is George Samuel
Layton served as
FJP Williams
NP2 173/23
Liles, Melville Beaumont William Liles, Montague Officer's Steward 1st Class L5332 King George V
Liles, Melville Beaumont William Liles, Montague Stoker 2nd Class K51622 King George V Transferred 22/3/1918 to
Stoker 2nd Class
Lonergan, William Ladergan, William Shipwright 1st Class 343160 Ajax
Mahoney, William John Foster, William John Stoker 1st Class SS115918 Iron Duke
Manns, Edwin Manns, Edward Stoker Petty Officer 281223 Ambuscade
Marchant, Harry John King, Harry J. Gunner Caroline Although his ADMiralty records
record him as Marchant, the
Navy List and 1911 Census ship
list for HMS Doon record his surname
as King.
Marhoff, Albert Lee, Albert Ship's Corporal 1st Class 229736 Inflexible
Marrs, Hamlet Harrop, Hamlet Richardson Able Seaman 214450 Royal Oak
Matthews, David Oliver Matthews, Oliver Leading Cook's Mate M97 Orion
Maxwell, Bertram Jesse Elberts Roberts, Elberts Chief Stoker 282914 Invincible

Maxwell, Bertram Jesse Elberts
Bertram Jessie Maxwell was
a Chief Stoker on Invincible.
However his medals are inscribed
Elberts Roberts as he served under this name.
Mckenzie, Matthew Preston, M Ordinary Seaman J45368 Ajax On service record:
According to relatives
this man's correct
name is :- M. Preston
served as Matthew
Mc Kenzie (GR 5970)
McLean, William Cameron Jamieson Maclaine, William Cameron Private RMLI 17890 Colossus
Millett, William George Lesson, William Stoker 1st Class K24319 Temeraire
Mitchell, Frederick John Murphy, Frederick Michael Stoker Petty Officer 309900 Falmouth
Morgan, Edwin James Harris, E.J. Stoker 1st Class K2534 Indefatigable Service Record:
According to relatives this
man's name is E.J.Harris
served as E.J.Morgan
(GR 5970)
Mossop, James Henderson, James Stoker RNR S 1335 Indefatigable
Nowell, Albert Edward Davis, Albert Edward Ordinary Seaman SS6818 Abdiel
O'Lone, John Bennett, John Stoker RNR T 2197 Invincible (Served as BENNETT), Son of William and Rose O'Lone; husband of Teresa C. O'Lone, of 59, Monkland St., Middlesbrough.
Oates, Eric Danby Merchant, Eric Private RMLI 18389 Hercules
Osborne, John Connor, John Stoker Petty Officer 309041 Tiger
Pailey, Frederick Arthur Bailey, Frederick William Private RMLI 14750 Collingwood
Pamplin, John Henry Maggs, John Edward Stoker 1st Class K24507 Hampshire
Payne, William McNally, William Stoker 1st Class K3328 Thunderer
Pearson, John McPherson, John Able Seaman RNVR Tyneside Z/7488 Defence Service Record
N.P. 2/3563/21.
Board approval for
regarding this rating as
identical with John
late No 81083 R.F.A.
Phillips, Henry John Tutton, Henry John Mechanician 292785 King George V
Philpott, Frederick Taylor, Frederick Officer's Steward 1st Class 359178 Collingwood
Piper, Charles Strugnell, John Stoker 1st Class K17756 Fearless
Poplett, Alfred George Wells, Alfred George Stoker Petty Officer K2798 Hercules
Pratt, Charles William Gill, Charles William Stoker 1st Class 302125 Cochrane
Prince, John William Coleman, John Stoker 1st Class 174613 Agincourt
Raymond, Hermon Charles Langwasser, Hermon Charles Able Seaman J3092 Conqueror
Revill, William Reginald Williams, Reginald Stoker 1st Class K23021 Colossus
Rodd, Edward Lavender Berry, Edward Gunner RMA 13079 Revenge Name change 11 Jan 1913
Rosenbloom, George Lewis, George Private RMLI 13094 Ajax
Sadler, Albert Robert Reinstadtler Able Seaman J13052 Queen Mary German ancestry
Sanders, Archibald John Sanders, Thomas Stoker 1st Class K21637 Colossus
Sargent, Trevor Tom Sargent, John Stoker 1st Class SS105182 Tipperary
Scase, Charles George Smith, John Stoker 1st Class K25013 Blanche
Segraves, William Schofield, William Stoker 1st Class SS111916 Thunderer
Stevens, Robert Jones, Owen Robert Owen Wireman 2nd Class M13659 Tiger
Tanner, Edwin Turner, Edwin Petty Officer (NS) 221813 Black Prince
Tew, George William Collins, John Gunner RMA 6150 Barham Pre 1915
Tew, George William Jew, George William Barham mistranscribed on TNA
Thomas, Henry Edward Noble, Henry Edward Stoker 1st Class SS115042 Canterbury
Thorpe, Sidney Swift, Harry Stoker 1st Class SS104687 Canada
Toole, William John Dunphy, John Stoker Petty Officer K19361 Nottingham
Trelawn, Harold Leonard Collins, Harold Leonard Officer's Steward 2nd Class 365500 Nicator
Tuck, Walter Love, Walter Stoker 1st Class 308831 Caroline
Turner, Benjamin James Alfred Turner, Alfred Stoker RNR T 2501 Thunderer
Vowden, Albertus Vowden, Bertie Stoker 1st Class K18889 Thunderer
Waller, Arthur Craig Craig, Arthur William Captain Barham
Wallis, Jack Thomas Donovan, John Thomas Stoker Petty Officer 296363 Hercules
Ward, Fred Wood, George Stoker Petty Officer 289773 Queen Mary CWGC: (Served as WOOD, George).
Son of Thomas and Ella Ward,
of Wakefield, Yorks.;
husband of Jane Ellen Ward,
of 4, Spring Garden View,
Landport, Portsmouth.
Waring, Benedict Waring, Bertram Leading Seaman J3920 Lion
Werran, George Squires, George Private RMLI 17061 Warrior
Westall, George Thomas West, George Thomas Able Seaman SS4382 Yarmouth
Whetreir, James White, James Able Seaman J2591 Colossus
Whittingham, Arthur Jones, Arthur Boy Telegraphist J31481 Orion
Williamson, Frederick Arnold Williamson-Noble, Frederick Arnold Temporary Surgeon Warspite After 1921
Wordsworth, Christopher Albert Clifton, Charlie Gunner RMA 6740 Barham
Wrathmall, Charles Wrathmall, John Edward Boy 1st Class J37310 Cochrane
Wright, William Edward Carris, William Edward Ordinary Seaman J19322 Queen Mary