Alexander, Philip George

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News has been received of the death of the Rev. P. G. Alexander, chaplain of H.M.S. Hampshire and brother of Mr. E. D. Alexander, of the Wellington Harbour Board staff, and Mr. A. M. Alexander of Lower Hutt. Interesting to note that the Rev. Alexander arrived in Wellington with his parents by the Ionic in 1892. He spent seven years in Newton, afterwards in 1899. He took his degree at St. John's College, Cambridge, in 1908, and went to Bristol the same year when he was ordained. He served his deaconate at Christ Church, Barton Hill, being ordained priest in 1909. He remained at Barton Hill until 1910. In 1912 he took up a chaplaincy on H.M.S. Blenheim, from which he was transferred to H.M.S. Falmouth and afterwards to H.M.S. Hampshire, on which he lost his life. At Christ Church a short memorial service for the late Lord Kitchener, the late Rev. P. G. Alexander, and the men who perished in the North Sea was conducted by the Rev. D. Marcus Brown (vicar). At the opening of the service, the choir proceeded up the centre isle followed by the 28th Bristol and 76th Bristol Boy Scouts. At the side of the chancel was hung a laurel wreath bearing the inscription "Jutland", and through this was placed the Union Jack in black streamers, the flag being the original colours borne by the scouts when late Mr. Alexander was in charge of the Bristol East Division, in which he displayed much interest.
New Zealand Freelance 4 Aug 1916