Abercrombie, Cecil Halliday

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Abercrombie, Cecil Halliday
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See below Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News 17 June 1916 via Spike Sheldon


It was not to be expected that the first great naval battle would come and go without the loss of a Rugbv football international, when we pause to think of the part the United Services XV. has played in international foot ball. Greatly though all Rugby men will regret the loss of that fine officer, Lt. C. H. Abercrombie (United Services and Scotland), their regret will be tinged with a feeling of relief that the toll was not much heavier. Lt. Abercrombie, R.N., played six times in all for Scotland. He was a grand forward of the scoring type. Big and fast, he was splendid in the loose and good out of touch. In the case of the defeat at Colombes, Paris, by the French XV., he took a risk which actually cost Scotland the match, though at the time he took it it was justifiable. He crossed the French line with the ball, but, did not touch it down. Instead, he re-crossed the line into the field of play with the intention of crossing again nearer goal. Before he could get back he was tackled. Scotland lost by a point, but were leading when he did this. He played against England and Ireland in 1910, against Wales and France in 1911 and 1913. He played several times for Hampshire and for the Royal Navy at cricket, scoring a dashing hundred against the Army at Lord's, and generally playing the game as though he thoroughly enjoyed it. A fine type of man, he was very popular. In 1913 he married Cicely Joan Abercrombie, and was in his thirty-first year. He went down with the Defence.