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The National Archives holds the surviving ship's log of Queen Mary, maintained by the Officer of the Watch between 1913 to 1916, comprise in total 17 volumes spanning the references ADM 53/56876 to ADM 53/56892, providing a permanent and consecutive daily record of the ships movements and position, recording all wheel and telegraph orders, weather encountered and other events, such as the employment of the ship's company, any deaths on-board, disciplinary action, loss or damage to stores and any other items of interest, such as visits by dignitaries. (The National Archives - [email protected])

In this quest for original data and material a number of archives have been consulted. From which was subsequently derived vital and significant information through a number of important documents. Listed below are these good offices, which have all directed considerable help towards my requests. I now offer my sincere thanks to their dedicated personnel:
Royal Marines Museum, Eastney.
National Maritime Museum, Greenwich.
Imperial War Museum, London.
Royal Navy Museum, Portsmouth.
The Liddle Collection, Leeds University.
Newcastle-upon-Tyne Library.
South Tyneside Library.
Dunfermline Central Library.
The Inverness Courier.
The Staunton Park Genealogy Centre.

Published works

Further to these sources a number of books and reference works have also been consulted, to finally derive as detailed and as accurate a history of this subject as possible. From these a number of contemporary works from The Great War era have also provided very useful personal recollections and perspectives from other ships of the Battle Cruiser Fleet (BCF) and attached vessels. These accounts support that originating from crewmembers of Queen Mary, greatly complementing their recollections, and providing a number of evocative narratives from different perspectives. The principal works involved in this are now acknowledged:
Earl Beatty - S. Roskill, Collins.
Kiel and Jutland - Von Hase, Skeffington.
The Grand Fleet 1914-16 - Admiral Jellicoe, Cassell.
The Fighting at Jutland, H. Fawcett, MacMillan.
A Naval Digression - G. Franklin, Blackwood.
With the Battle-cruisers - F. Young, Cassell.
A Fleet in Being - R. Kipling, Macmillan.
Britain’s Sea-dogs - H.F.B. Wheeler, Harrap.
The History of the Great War - N. Flower, Waverley Book.
The Great War - H.W. Wilson, Amalgamated.
I Was There - J. Hammerton, Amalgamated.
Twenty Years After - E. Swinton, G. Newnes.
Naval Intelligence - Anonymous, Hodder.
40:O.B. H.C. Hoy, Hutchinsons.
Keeping the Seas - E.R.G.R. Evans, Sampson Low.
A North Sea Diary 1914-18, S. King-Hall, Newnes.
Vain Glory - G. Chapman, Cassell.
Sons of Admiralty - Hurd and Bashford, Constable.

Complementing these contemporary volumes, a number of modern works, and authoritative reference volumes have also been referred to. Either to clear up points raised in the old works, or determines the circumstances of an event, from the recent scrutiny of records and documents not available to authors during, or immediately after The Great War:

Invincible class - J. Roberts, Conway.
Battle-cruisers - N. Campbell, Conway.
Battle-cruisers - J. Roberts, Chatham Publishing.
All the World’s Fighting Ships - Various, Conway.
British Battleships of WW1 - R. Burt, Arms & Armour.
British Battleships 1860-1950 - Dr. O. Parkes, Seely Service.
British Battleships 1892-1957 - R. Pears, Cave.
The Big Gun - P. Hodges, Conway.
Battleships of WW1 - A. Preston, Galahad Books.
Battleships of the Grand Fleet - R. Burt & W. Trotter, Arms & Armour.
Battle-cruiser Invincible - V. Tarrant, Arms & Armour.
Naval Battles of WW1 - G. Bennett, Pan.
SMS Seydlitz - F. Ruge, Profile.
Remember Scarborough 1914 - D. Mould, Hendon.

Diaries and Journals

But as would have become quite obvious as this work unfolded, as regards all the printed material consulted and referred to, without any doubt the most telling and stirring has to be the surviving diaries, journals and notes of some of those who actually served on-board Queen Mary. Without any doubt it is this very human element, which has provided the very essential crux of this work, and lacking it this story would never have been attempted. Therefore it is to these individuals that this book is respectively dedicate:

Major Gerald C. Rooney RMLI.
Midshipman Arthur Bagot.
Midshipman Harold Tennyson.
Midshipman John Hugh Lloyd-Owen.
Midshipman Peregrine R. Deardon.
Midshipman Jocelyn L. Storey.
Midshipman Philip R. Malet de Carteret.
Petty Officer Ernest Benjamin Francis.
Private Walter J. Stevens RMLI.

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