Navy Chaplains

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Chaplains served in each battleship, battle-cruiser and cruiser, and in five of the light
cruisers, in which they had squadronal duties.
HMS Warspite also had a Roman Catholic Chaplain.
HMS Black Prince also had a Roman Catholic Chaplain.
In total there were fifty-two chaplains present at the battle.

Navy Chaplains At The Battle of Jutland
KiA, DoW Name Ship
No Alexander, Philip George Hampshire
No Boswell, Philip Egerton Tiger
No Boyd, Norman Robert Orion
No Bredin, Edward Robert Warrior
No Briggs, William Arthur Erin
Yes Browning, Guy Arnott Indefatigable
No Burkitt, Francis Hassard Superb
No Carey, Walter Julius Warspite
No Carter, Arthur Arnold Marlborough
No Caspersz, Thomas Wilfred Liddle Revenge
No Clarke, Sidney Lampard Collingwood
No Close, Richard Bevill Middleton Royal Oak
No Cowan, Charles Emilius Lowther Canada
No Crick, Thomas Malaya
No Crole-Rees, Herbert Stanley Hercules
No Embling, Hugh John Agincourt
No Gay, John Joseph Iron Duke
No Goudge, William Henry King George V
No Gough, Paschal Claude Indomitable
No Hainsselin, Montagu Thomas Ajax
No Harcourt, Guy Hanmer HMS Duke of Edinburgh
No Hastings, Francis George Burrows Minotaur
No Hewitt, George Hayward Birmingham
No Jones, Percy Herbert Vanguard
No Karney, Arthur Baillie Lumsdaine Yarmouth
Yes Kewney, George Stanley Queen Mary
Yes Le Patourel, Wallace Mackenzie Defence
No Litchfield, William George New Zealand
Yes Lydall, Cecil Wykeham Lion
No Malden, Richard Henry Valiant
No Mayne, Howard Bertram Shannon
No Metcalf, Francis William Rucker Monarch
No Moore, John Walter Barnwell Centurion
Yes Morgan, George William Faulconer Invincible
No Nicholls, Reginald Morton Bellerophon
No Nörregaard, Arthur Henry Herman Magnus Temeraire
No O'Donovan, Richard Henry Princess Royal
Yes Phelan, Stewart Joseph Black Prince
No Phillips, Ernest Spencer Inflexible
No Poignand, Cecil Willoughby Benbow
No Pollen, Anthony Cecil Hungerford Warspite
No Rose, Christopher Philip Godwin Colossus
No Ryan, William Richard Fenwick Constance
No Sutcliffe, Francis Edward St. Vincent
No Ulyat, Edward Stewart Thunderer
No Wale, Leopold Walter Cochrane
No Waller, Charles Lansley Neptune
Yes Walton, Cyril Ambrose Chester
Yes Webber, William Farel Black Prince
No Westmore, William Newitt Birkenhead
No Williams, David Henry Aitcheson Conqueror
Yes Wright, Henry Dixon Barham