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547 February 2000 34 Navy News
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Cdr Frank Layard DSO, DSC, veteran of
Jutland and WW2 Escort Group commander.
Served 1915-47 and 1951-54. Ships:
Indefatigable (Jutland), Sea Bear, Stoke
(CO), Harrow (CO), Chelsea (CO), Broke
(CO - sheared through Oran harbour boom
to land troops in special operation during N.
Africa landings), Matane (CO and leader of
RCN Escort Group 9). St John (CO).
Recalled for service in Personnel Dept of
Admiralty during Korean War. November 25,
aged 99.
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Navy News Issue Month / Year Page Index
547 February 2000 36 Navy News
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Frederick William King: Several years
ago in a case in Mrs L. Slade's loft there were
some old service papers, which she would
like to return to the next of kin. Mr King
was captured at the Battle of Jutland and taken
POW, his family informed presumed killed,
but from other papers there is an invalidity
certificate, medal ribbons and address in
Gillingham, Kent, to which he returned on his
release. Contact Mrs Slade, 20, Minerva
Court, St Johns Road, Bath BA2 6PL.
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