HMS Comus Crew List

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Please note that the 'Rank/Rate' and 'From and To' dates only reflect those held actually at the Battle of Jutland.
The individual could have joined or left the ship before or after these dates, with differing 'Rank/Rates'.
Crew List
Name Birth Death Rank/Rate
at Jutland
From To ON The National Archives
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List No.
Alcock, Alfred 03/05/1894 Stoker 1st Class 03/11/1915 21/06/1917 SS115915 15 2 11
Allen, Sidney Ernest 16/06/1897 Private RMLI Chatham 19632 ADM 159/132/19632
Ames, Alfred Albert 03/02/1888 Wireman 2nd Class M12647
Anderson, Peter 05/01/1874 292179
Anderson, Rupert Roger 03/05/1896 Signalman Z/696
Andrews, Frederick Charles 30/01/1887 Private RMLI Portsmouth 14016 ADM 159/185/14016
Arnett, Leonard George 06/01/1887 Stoker Petty Officer K1449
Atkins, Thomas Charles 05/06/1897 Ordinary Seaman J21813
Aukett, Thomas Henry 05/11/1897 Ordinary Seaman J23538
Baigent, Albert Walter Ordinary Seaman J31520
Bailey, Charles Edward 05/02/1897 Stoker 1st Class SS116957
Bailey, William John 28/11/1898 Boy Telegraphist J30295
Balchin, Leonard 25/10/1895 Able Seaman J13670
Barnes, Frederick Arthur 14/09/1895 Able Seaman J13612
Barnes, John 13/08/1886 Mechanician 307331
Barney, Thomas Stoker 1st Class SS112518
Bartram, John Leading Stoker SS104997
Beatt, George Russell 07/05/1872 Mechanician 18/05/1915 12/08/1919 282441
Beavis, George Alfred 08/07/1895 Leading Signalman 01/01/1916 26/01/1917 J13008 The service record is difficult to read
- at jutland but ? ship - looks
like it starts with C
12B2 42
Bide, Wilfred John Ordinary Telegraphist J31865
Bidmead, Walter Reginald Victor 02/04/1896 Signalman RNVR 03/06/2015 18/02/1919 London Z/791
Bilsby, Henry Able Seaman 238772
Bland, William Alfred 15/06/1890 Stoker 1st Class K26986
Blumfeld, Louis 28/05/1893 23/07/1918 Lieutenant 03/05/1916 27/04/1917 Navy List
Bonnett, Horace Walter 22/06/1899 Boy Servant L7137
Borland, John 04/05/1898 Stoker 1st Class K27179
Bottomley, Robert Edward James 05/04/1892 J5343
Botwright, Samuel 28/10/1893 J5162
Bowell, Charles 15/10/1875 Stoker Petty Officer 18/05/1915 10/09/1916 195694 ADM 188/338/195694
Boys, Frank Cooper 345064
Branford, Francis William 14/09/1884 Paymaster (Emergency) 27/05/1916 26/08/1918 Navy List
Breeds, William George 07/05/1893 J5794
Brettell, George John 15/02/1893 Able Seaman J10806
Bridger, Henry Frederick Ordinary Seaman SS6261
Brinn, Frank William 31/07/1895 Able Seaman J13650
Brown, William Alfred Boy 1st Class J33820
Brown, William James Stoker 1st Class K23585
Brown, William Thomas Able Seaman 18/05/1915 30/06/1918 220133
Browne, Henry Robert Samuel Ordinary Seaman J33101
Burnett, William James 15/09/1875 Stoker Petty Officer 18/05/1915 26/07/1919 277858
Butler, Kimber Alexander Able Seaman 217962
Cambridge, James 28/10/1896 Stoker RNR 18/05/1915 27/11/1916 S 4524 BT 377/7/81183
Cameron, Donald Francis Ordinary Telegraphist J31627
Campin, William Henry John 15/05/1880 Yeoman of Signals 18/05/1915 14/07/1917 188438
Cantwell, Harold Lewis 11/11/1880 Artificer Engineer 04/10/1914 27/06/2017 Navy List
Card, William 26/12/1873 Stoker Petty Officer 18/05/1915 22/06/1916 279764
Carpenter, Leopold Officer's Cook 1st Class 358909
Carr, Henry 28/07/1863 Stoker 1st Class 16/05/1916 29/08/1917 278396
Chadwick, Ernest Telegraphist J35193
Chapman, Harry Leading Signalman 231685
Charley, John 21/01/1890 Stoker 1st Class SS110642
Chesterton, Walter Robert Able Seaman SS3917
Clark, Herbert Douglas 28/08/1895 Leading Telegraphist J10693
Clifford, James Ronald 09/08/1895 Able Seaman J11340
Coady, Thomas Joseph Ordinary Seaman J34357
Cobb, Charles Wilfred Boy Telegraphist J32399
Cockerill, William Frank 14/01/1872 Stoker 1st Class 18/05/1915 18/06/1919 276416
Colbourne, Benjamin Percy Stoker 1st Class K23571
Connell, Leonard Ordinary Seaman SS5204
Cook, Stanley Green Ordinary Telegraphist J33475
Cooke, Thomas George 08/06/1888 M3762
Copperwheat, Alfred 15/11/1893 Able Seaman 10/10/1916 18/06/1917
Coulson, Alfred Ernest 16/12/1876 Petty Officer 18/05/1915 03/01/1917 169119
Cowham, Richard Private RMLI Portsmouth 13159 ADM 159/184/13159
Cowland, Frank Able Seaman 237569
Cregeen, Herbert Stanley Ordinary Signalman J33390
Crouch, Joseph Richard Ordinary Seaman J34036
Crudgington, James Albert Able Seaman J33970
Curtis, John Ernest Augustus Stoker 1st Class 295202
Dand, William Beaty 11/03/1880 Acting Artificer Engineer 24/09/1915 25/09/1916 270648 Navy List
Darwin, Arthur 29/01/1889 Able Seaman J16160
Davies, Thomas Henry 12/05/1874 Chief Engine Room Artificer 1st Class 01/08/1915 01/08/1919 269465 ADM 188/431/269465
Davis, Charles 06/05/1895 SS5209
Dawson, Albert Edward 20/08/1888 K22669
Denmead, Arthur Samuel Victor Ordinary Seaman J32124
Dilks, Joseph Leading Seaman 208600
Dillon, Arthur John 08/01/1878 Chief Stoker 18/05/1915 30/06/1919 284698
Dinsdale, Thomas Ordinary Seaman SS5206
Dowden, Walter Leonard 30/07/1893 Able Seaman J12746
Drake, Richard Edwin 16/10/1890 Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M12246
Dye, Edward Henry 03/08/1892 M7789
Dyer, Roaf Leonard Ordinary Seaman J21753
Eames, Frederick Charles 04/02/1892 Private RMLI Portsmouth 18/05/1915 03/05/1918 15696 ADM 159/188/15696
Edwards, Walter Stoker 1st Class K23334
Elgie, Frederick Arthur Henry 16/06/1895 K19948
Ellis, Foster Alexander Boy 1st Class J33772
Elston, Tom Crouch Stoker 1st Class 228792
England, George William Ordinary Seaman J34351
Etchells, David 28/07/1883 Leading Stoker K2372
Eva, Benjamin Boy 1st Class J32009
Fagg, William James 07/08/1896 Wireman 2nd Class M12545
Fear, Reginald Lambert Leading Stoker SS105325
Field, George Mitchell Ordinary Seaman J28654
Fielder, Harry Able Seaman 233077
Filbey, Robert 02/10/1881 Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist 19/01/1916 28/09/1917 191836 ADM 188/328/191836
Filby, John Robert 25/09/1894 Ordinary Seaman J49845 ADM 188/746/49845
Finch, Alfred Percy Leading Stoker SS109005
Fisher, Albert 20/04/1883 Private RMLI Portsmouth 18/05/1915 07/05/1919 11031 ADM 159/19/11031
Fisher, George Ewart Boy 1st Class J32865
Fletcher, George Herbert 09/07/1873 Engineer Commander 23/05/1916 Navy List
Frampton, Percy Boy 1st Class J30896
Frewen, Oswald Moreton 11/01/1887 Lieutenant (N) 15/03/1915 09/01/1917 Navy List
Gaff, Arthur Samuel 19/06/1891 L1545
Gallagher, Ernest 30/03/1885 Officer's Steward 1st Class 365445
Gardner, Ernest 07/02/1887 Shipwright 2nd Class M10159
Garrard, George Edward 07/03/1875 Chief Stoker 18/05/1915 20/02/1919 278089
Gilbey, Percy William Ordinary Seaman J26500
Goodrich, Henry Edwin Leading Seaman 226393
Goodyear, Frederick Bert Ordinary Seaman J28901
Graham, Charles 15/04/1891 Able Seaman 02/09/1915 18/01/1917 Z4521
Greet, George 04/10/1888 Leading Stoker K3362
Griffin, George 11/09/1887 Officer's Cook 1st Class 362325
Griffin, Wilfred Able Seaman SS5207
Gunnell, Henry Augustus Able Seaman 229619
Hackett, Bertie Clifford 19/08/1895 Officer's Steward 3rd Class L4678
Haines, William Ernest Boy 1st Class J33677
Hamilton, Henry Lieutenant 29/03/1915 Navy List
Hanson, George Edward Stoker 1st Class SS104698
Harman, John William Private RMLI Portsmouth 18560 ADM 159/194/18560
Harriety, Richard Alfred 24/05/1883 203981
Hassell, Archibald George Boy 1st Class J33799
Hatton, George Private RMLI Portsmouth 18319 ADM 159/193/18319
Hawtin, Frederick Percy Telegraphist J31452
Hibbert, Walter Ernest Ordinary Seaman J24555
Hill, Albert James 09/02/1881 Able Seaman 18/05/1915 28/02/1919 198387 ADM 188/343/198387
Hill, Walter S. 02/09/1873 Engineer Commander 28/10/1914 Navy List
Hockley, Robert Blacksmith 345448
Hodges, Frank Colston 12/04/1888 Acting Gunner (T) 09/01/1916 27/11/1918 Navy List
Hodgson, Hilton 24/03/1873 Mechanician 18/05/1915 25/02/1919 174584
Holmes, Leonard John 02/06/1885 351306
Horscroft, Gordon Henry Boy 1st Class J38549
Hotham, Allan Geoffrey 03/10/1876 10/07/1965 Captain Feb 1915 Navy List
Houchin, Richard Stoker 1st Class SS108320
Howlett, John William Boy 1st Class J30252
Hughes, William Stoker 1st Class 294271
Hulbert, George 18/03/1873 Stoker 1st Class 18/05/1915 20/02/1919 174216
Hunt, Richard 26/09/1882 Private RMLI Portsmouth 18/05/1915 18/09/1916 10865 ADM 159/19/10865
Hunt, Theodore Horace 23/09/1892 J7102
Hurdley, Alfred Petty Officer 230738
Hussey, James William George Able Seaman 216449
Hutchinson Alias Arthur Butler, Arthur Butler 23/02/1896 26/10/1915 12/03/1918 J15579
Hutchinson, Arthur Butler 23/02/1896 Able Seaman J15579
Hyde, Harry Alfred Boy 1st Class J33966
Jackson, Andrew Able Seaman SS5224
Jame, James Charles 25/02/1898 Able Seaman 18/05/1915 26/07/1917 J33789
James, Herbert Reginald Stoker Petty Officer 361420
Jarrett, Bernard 10/07/1896 Able Seaman J16299
Jarvis, Frank Stoker 1st Class K14256
Johnston, Edwin Ernest 03/01/1892 Private RMLI Portsmouth 30/10/1915 01/08/1919 15577 ADM 159/188/15577
Johnston, John Stoker 1st Class SS116261
Jones, Reginald Vernon Ronald Jeboult 05/03/1894 J8616
Keating, William Ophir 07/02/1897 Officer's Cook 3rd Class L6392
Keeler, William Archie Leading Seaman 238093
Kelly, John 05/08/1881 Leading Seaman 18/05/1915 30/06/1917 194217 ADM 188/334/194217
Kempson, Walter Ordinary Signalman J26490
Keune, Alec Bernard Boy Telegraphist J30036
Kilpatrick, John Private RMLI Portsmouth 25 S ADM 159/203/25
King, John 02/12/1877 Chief Petty Officer 28/10/1915 05/08/1916 172469
Knight, Joseph 21/07/1870 Stoker 1st Class 18/05/1915 18/02/1919 145579 ADM 188/206/145579 St. George's Medal
4th Class
Lambourne, Albert Edward 10/12/1894 J9741
Lambourne, William Henry 19/12/1882 Private RMLI Portsmouth 18/05/1915 31/12/1917 11809 ADM 159/181/11809
Larner, William Edwy Boy 1st Class J30827
Latham, Richard Henry Stoker 1st Class SS116981
Lawrence, Sydney George Private RMLI Portsmouth 14550 ADM 159/186/14550
Leach, Ralph 11/07/1895 Able Seaman J15516
Leech, William Duke Stoker 1st Class SS116236
Leechman, William Ordinary Seaman J34355
Leeves, Arthur Able Seaman 226153
Lewis, Hopkin Llewellyn 26/02/1883 Stoker RNR 18/05/1915 13/09/1916 S 4556 BT 377/7/81215
Lewis, William Ernest 24/04/1890 M2338
Linehan, Patrick 09/12/1881 Leading Stoker 16/05/1916 01/08/1920 296388
Loader, Henry Oscar 09/03/1892 Leading Stoker K8724
Lofthouse, Harry Jackson 16/05/1889 Stoker Petty Officer K11673
Macdonald, Alexander 13/08/1883 M1214
Mackness, Samuel Stoker 1st Class 295040
Mahoney, Leonard Boy 1st Class J32425
Manford, Edwin Armourer 346158
Manners, Errol 29/06/1883 23/10/1933 Lieutenant-Commander 09/03/1915 Navy List
Mansey, Albert John 06/10/1896 Cook's Mate M14412
Mant, Frank 04/08/1881 Petty Officer 18/05/1915 23/06/1916 192491 ADM 188/330/192491
Markquick, Edward Stoker Petty Officer 305712
Massett, William Henry 19/02/1880 Stoker Petty Officer 18/05/1915 23/01/1919 289009
May, Ernest Walter Armourer's Crew 346708
May, Percy Able Seaman 216646
Mccarthy, Walter Alexander Master at Arms 210245
Mcquade, Henry Stoker Petty Officer K12953
Mears, George Henry Able Seaman SS5205
Miller, Edgar Sergeant RMLI Portsmouth 12443 ADM 159/182/12443
Miller, John Hugh Leading Seaman 231576
Milman, Henry Augustus 02/10/1882 Paymaster 19/09/1915 Navy List
Mitton, Charlie Ordinary Seaman J33949
Moore, John William 12/12/1893 J9055
Morgan, Albert Henry Stoker 1st Class SS116239
Moseley, Albert 18/02/1889 Private RMLI Portsmouth 18/05/1915 02/08/1917 1 S ADM 159/187/15208
Moss, Arthur 14/12/1894 Officer's Steward 2nd Class L3510
Moss, Harold Boy 1st Class J33547
Neill, Edward 06/12/1885 312119
Newman, Frederick Adolphus Ordinary Signalman J36531
Newman, William Leslie Ordinary Seaman J30088
Nike, Wallace Thomas Boy 1st Class J32422
Norman, Thomas Temporary Surgeon May 1915 Navy List
Norton, Ernest Joseph 23/07/1893 M7978
Ogden, Albert Edmund Ordinary Seaman J26389
Olley, Sydney William 15/11/1898 07/05/1916 31/03/1905 J35077
Osman, Thomas Henry Stoker 1st Class 302150
Owen, Alfred Hale Ordinary Seaman SS5299
Owen, George Frampton Boy 1st Class J39923
Palmer, Matthias Leading Seaman 213241
Parsons, James 16/05/1897 06/05/1916 02/05/1918 Z2710
Pearson, Benjamin Charles Stoker 2nd Class K28122
Pearson, Clifford 16/12/1893 M6364
Pickover, Jack Boy 1st Class J37420
Pocock, Henry Charles Stoker 1st Class SS104807
Pollard, Thomas Stoker 1st Class SS102013
Porter, Edward William 01/02/1879 Private RMLI Portsmouth 18/05/1915 11/09/1919 9916 ADM 159/17/9916
Porter, Frederick John Montague 19/09/1897 J22257
Porter, Thomas 07/03/1905 02/09/1915 18/01/1917 Z5028
Potter, David Winslet 06/11/1894 Able Seaman J10859
Pratt, Frank William Private RMLI Portsmouth 16481 ADM 159/190/16481
Press, William Stoker Petty Officer 303862
Presslee, Frederick 11/01/1882 Private RMLI Portsmouth 18/05/1915 01/08/1919 11416 ADM 159/181/11416
Pullin, William Plumber 345313
Ranalow, William Hubert 8TH APRIL 1915 Assistant Paymaster R.N.R. 08/04/1915 03/01/1918 Navy List
Rawlins, George Henry Bugler RMLI Portsmouth 16987 ADM 159/191/16987
Rayner, William Colenso Boy 1st Class J33776
Redfern, Joseph Stoker 1st Class SS111244
Reid, Alexander 13/02/1888 Engine Room Artificer 4th Class 23/05/1916 06/02/1918 M19781
Reid, William Stoker 1st Class SS116408
Reynolds, Daniel Bertram 02/11/1886 M1203
Richards, Ernest Thomas 29/10/1876 Able Seaman 10/11/1915 20/02/1919 180243 ADM 188/299/180243 St. George's Medal
4th Class
Rooker, John Edward 06/11/1896 PO/18145
Rooker, William Walter Private RMLI Portsmouth 17245 ADM 159/191/17245
Roome, Lewis SS109006 Appropriate section of
service record covered
Rouse, Thomas Richard Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class 272031
Russell, Frank Henry James 31/10/1896 Able Seaman J18281
Sadler, Frank 06/07/1896 M7847
Sage, Henry Thomas 17/11/1894 Able Seaman J10827
Sargeant, George 08/05/1879 292183
Sargent, Ernest Frederick 26/07/1882 Petty Officer 20/01/1916 01/08/1917 196867 ADM 188/340/196867
Sayer, George Electrical Artificer 1st Class 345845
Scott, Edward Stoker 1st Class SS114937
Seal, Frederick 27/07/1892 M3642
Searle, Albert Able Seaman SS5312
Servaes, Reginald Maxwell 25/07/1893 Lieutenant 26/04/1915 Navy List
Shatwell, Joseph 21/12/1883 12/03/1960 Corporal RMLI Portsmouth 21/10/1915 16/08/1917 13167 ADM 159/184/13167
Shaw, Frederick John 30/06/1895 Wireman 2nd Class M12544
Shaw, George Roy 18/05/1892 Stoker 1st Class K10438
Shearsby, Leslie Ordinary Signalman J36533
Shepherd, Arthur George Chief Shipwright 342864
Shepherd, Francis Thomas 14/06/1887 Stoker 1st Class 18/05/1915 29/08/1919 SS108328
Shoebottom, Thomas Knight Ordinary Seaman J34859
Shute, Edward John Frederick Stoker 1st Class K13186
Shuttleworth, Sidney George Ordinary Seaman SS5350
Sinclair, John Ordinary Seaman SS6248
Skinner, Albert Leslie Ordinary Seaman J33969
Skinner, Harold Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M16904
Smith, Arthur 06/03/1893 Petty Officer 24/05/1916 12/07/1917 J3490
Smith, Robert Victor 25/11/1888 Stoker 1st Class K711
Smith, Victor Robert Able Seaman J25107
Smith, William C.B. Staff Surgeon 31/07/1915 Navy List
Smith, William Ewart Ordinary Seaman J34123
Southard, Sydney Herbert 02/09/1881 Carpenter 19/09/1914 25/03/1917 Navy List
Spearing, John 01/02/1894 J6262
Spicer, Alexander Andrew James 28/06/1878 Gunner 06/11/1914 25/07/1918 Navy List
Spink, John 14/06/1881 Seaman 17/05/1915 28/01/1917 A 7129
Stainer, Henry Herbert Private RMLI Portsmouth 17222 ADM 159/191/17222
Stassen, Francis George Stoker 1st Class SS112966
Steel, John Percival 03/03/1892 Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M11162
Steers, Joseph Painter 2nd Class 232493
Stephenson, Joseph Stoker 1st Class K28962
Stevens, Charles Leading Seaman 211967
Stewart, George Victor Shipwright 2nd Class M17190
Stoddart, Walter Ordinary Seaman J34816
Strath, Harold Ernest 11/09/1891 Electrical Artificer 4th Class M10050
Sunley, William Herbert 25/05/1895 M6977
Swannell, Frederick Arthur Officer's Steward 3rd Class L5713
Sweetland, Albert Edward 08/10/1893 Officer's Steward 2nd Class 08/09/1915 01/05/1917 L5173 ADM 188/998/5173
Symes, Charles Henry Private RMLI Portsmouth 17201 ADM 159/191/17201
Tame, James Charles Ordinary Seaman J33789
Tappenden, Frederick Charles Arthur 04/02/1895 Able Seaman J10394
Taylor, Frank 08/10/1888 Stoker 1st Class K4335
Taylor, Joseph 30/03/1890 J44158
Taylor, Raymond Boy 1st Class J32420
Taylor, William 06/1893 Private RMLI Portsmouth 18/05/1915 20/04/1918 17135 ADM 159/191/17135
Taysom, William Frederick Able Seaman 233594
Thake, Alexander William Boy 1st Class J33829
Thatcher, William James 14/10/1892 J7349
Thomas, Eli Stephen 09/03/1880 Stoker Petty Officer 06/05/1916 13/02/1919 289750
Thomas, Ernest Charles Signalman J25060
Thomas, William Arthur Boy 1st Class J33731
Thompson, Edgar C.J. Mate (E) 18/03/1916 Navy List
Thompson, Percy 10/05/1891 Stoker 1st Class K7871
Thorne, Francis Thomas 13/03/1883 Stoker 1st Class 18/05/1915 18/12/1916 295631
Thorpe, Cyril Ordinary Telegraphist J35944
Travers, Dan 16/01/1876 Stoker Petty Officer 18/05/1915 04/06/1919 280430
Treagust, Walter George Leading Stoker 309114
Trott, Sydney Herbert Ordinary Signalman J30076
Troubridge, Thomas Hope 01/02/1895 29/09/1949 Sub-Lieutenant 20/04/1915 Navy List
Trowbridge, Reuben Stoker 1st Class SS111077
Urch, Percival Frank Private RMLI Portsmouth 17197 ADM 159/191/17197
Veacock, George John Stoker 1st Class K14711
Vick, James William Lieutenant R.N.R. 24/04/1915 06/10/1918 Navy List
Walker, Ernest Robert 23/09/1893 J5497
Walker, Frederick William 27/07/1896 SS5300
Ward, Joseph Harrison Ordinary Seaman J34356
Ward, William 09/08/1878 Stoker 1st Class 18/05/1915 12/04/1919 289685
Warren, Charles William Stoker Petty Officer 293532
Waterson, Ernest Alfred 27/07/1893 M798
Watson, James Henry Shipwright 2nd Class 346693
Webber, Thomas 07/11/1877 Chief Petty Officer 01/04/1916 07/06/1919 173513
Weir, James Acting Lieutenant R.N.V.R. Apr 1915 Navy List
Wesson, Charles Edwin Stoker Petty Officer 305992
Wheeler, Wilfrid Leonard 01/03/1896 Able Seaman J14236
Wilkins, Herbert Alan Chief Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class 270775
Wilkins, John Carthew 23/07/1879 292285
Wilkinson, William Able Seaman 234541
Williams, David Fraser Engine Room Artificer 4th Class 271341
Willis, Alfred 07/07/1893 Carpenter's Crew M12097
Wilmshurst, Clifford Arthur Gais Ordinary Seaman J28989
Wittcomb, Charles Henry Stoker Petty Officer 311129
Woolven, Peter Ordinary Seaman J34359
Wotton, Edgar James Parsons Shipwright 1st Class 345735
Wyatt, John James 01/09/1888 J5934
Wylie, Henry Bell Ordinary Seaman J25760
Yeoman, Arthur Norman Ordinary Seaman J31309
Young, Charles Joseph 09/05/1881 Chief Ship's Cook 04/11/1915 16/05/1919 357352