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Battle of Jutland Crew Lists
The table below contains a full list of names that are currently being researched for HMS Active.
The "Sta" column is the status of the entry that can be defined as follows:
G = Confirmed at the battle
B = Not a known survivor or casualty. Or difficult to determine the ship (two possible destroyers)
O = Included as a note. Not on ship at battle
For the most updated crew list it is recommended to visit: H.M.S. ACTIVE which is updated in real time.
Photo gallery: HMS Active Crew List (Photographs)

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HMS Active Crew List at the Battle of Jutland
Columns can be sorted by selecting the appropriate header
Name Birth Death Rank/Rate
at Jutland
From To ON Comments Sta
Abbott, Leonard George 12/02/1894 Wireman 2nd Class M19932 g
Adams, Henry Alfred 13/01/1892 Leading Stoker K7091 g
Adams, James Albert 21/01/1895 Stoker 1st Class SS114329 g
Aitken, William 18/08/1885 Able Seaman SS24 g
Alabaster, James 06/06/1895 Wireman 2nd Class M19487 g
Albiston, Joseph 30/04/1895 Able Seaman J16420 g
Allcock, Stephen 09/09/1890 Stoker 1st Class K27960 g
Armstrong, George 14/02/1895 Stoker 1st Class SS114987 g
Atfield, Gordon 07/08/1892 Wireman 2nd Class M19120 g
Athay, Richard Howard 22/08/1898 Ordinary Telegraphist J34441 g
Auld, William 13/12/1899 Signal Boy J41920 g
Babbage, John Gilbert Cundy 07/07/1890 Stoker Petty Officer K2286 g
Bailey, Robert T. Tempory Surgeon 09/04/1916 Navy List g
Baker, Ernest Folliott 23/03/1872 Engineer Commander 06/04/1916 27/06/1917 Navy List g
Baldwin, Alfred Ernest 12/10/1896 Stoker 2nd Class K29521 g
Barnes, Albert 06/05/1892 Stoker 2nd Class K29661 g
Bartlett, Alfred Frank 02/01/1898 Ordinary Seaman SS6900 g
Bartlett, Edward Stanley 02/03/1896 Stoker 2nd Class K30836 g
Becker, Sidney 01/07/1896 M8260 g
Bell, Richard Douglas 25/11/1896 Ordinary Seaman J49456 g
Bell, William 03/11/1884 Stoker 1st Class 302007 g
Bennett, Arthur William 24/04/1894 Able Seaman J6663 g
Bews, Samuel Thomas 03/12/1880 23/05/1926 Artificer Engineer 05/03/1916 07/04/1917 Navy List g
Bickford, Alfred George 05/09/1888 M7417 g
Billett, Charles 01/01/1887 Leading Stoker K3470 g
Bird, Arthur Robert 06/04/1895 Stoker 2nd Class K30265 g
Bissell, John Henry 20/01/1897 Stoker 2nd Class 08/04/1916 09/12/1916 K30278 g
Black, Albert Thomas 19/10/1893 Stoker 2nd Class K30279 g
Black, Francis G.H.R. Surgeon 06/04/1916 Navy List g
Blackshaw, John Charles 23/02/1900 08/06/1940 Boy 1st Class J44373 g
Bornor, Charles Henry 30/07/1879 Engine Room Artificer 4th Class 343626 g
Boyce, Reginald Ernest Able Seaman J17354 g
Brady, James Henry 21/12/1891 Leading Stoker K7577 g
Bridle, Percival George Redeclift 17/12/1891 Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class 272432 g
Briggs, Albert William Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M17157 g
Briggs, William 23/05/1886 Leading Seaman 219306 g
Broad, Ernest Percy 31/08/1889 Leading Stoker K2561 g
Brocklehurst, Harry 22/01/1891 Ordinary Seaman J49103 g
Brooks, Thomas 06/12/1879 Chief Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class 270675 g
Brown, Frank Henry 20/01/1897 Stoker 2nd Class SS117411 g
Burgess, Henry Charles 11/02/1895 Stoker 2nd Class K30644 g
Burgess, James Stanley 03/09/1896 Stoker 2nd Class K29275 g
Cameron, John Millen 20/09/1884 Stoker 1st Class K2377 g
Card, Walter Arthur Garrett 01/11/1880 Stoker Petty Officer 06/04/1916 28/02/1919 357327 g
Chambers, Willis 09/07/1893 Ordinary Seaman J49113 g
Champion, Alfred James 13/12/1891 Stoker 1st Class K6164 g
Chancellor, Charles Harold 15/01/1897 Able Seaman J25331 g
Charles, William Redmond 26/12/1894 K19484 g
Chase, Ernest Victor Jubillee 06/06/1897 Stoker 2nd Class K29861 g
Cherry, John Joseph 24/01/1880 Chief Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class 271360 g
Child, Frank Sergeant RMLI 10458 g
Chilton, Alfred 31/08/1890 Leading Stoker K1401 g
Clare, Thomas Able Seaman SS2418 g
Clarke, Frank 09/09/1892 M6918 g
Clarke, William Henry 20/12/1872 Signal Boatswain 01/02/1915 01/08/1918 Navy List g
Coath, George Alfred Stoker 2nd Class K29405 g
Cock, James Albert Ordinary Seaman J49099 g
Coleman, Sidney Edgar 31/10/1890 Stoker 1st Class K4205 g
Colvile, Mansel Brabazon Fiennes 19/01/1887 14/01/1942 Lieutenant 28/03/1916 Navy List g
Cook, Albert Private RMLI 17011 g
Cottle, Thomas Albert Stoker 2nd Class K30273 g
Cox, James Lewis Stoker 1st Class SS114362 g
Coyte, William 30/09/1874 Stoker Petty Officer 06/04/1916 16/05/1917 276228 g
Crabtree, Harold 28/07/1891 Stoker 1st Class K7028 g
Crayfourd, Sidney Stoker 2nd Class K29067 g
Crossman, Ernest James Private RMLI 15410 g
Curlewis, Harry Ewart Officer's Steward 3rd Class L7789 g
Dade, William Stoker 2nd Class K29035 g
Dainty, Howard Norton Leading Signalman 219732 g
Davis, Alfred William Stoker 2nd Class K30329 g
Davis, Henry Chief Artificer Engineer 12/01/1916 Navy List g
Dawson, John Thomas 04/03/1895 K18353 g
Dearle, George Henry Stoker 1st Class K15888 g
Didcott, Sidney Victor 29/06/1896 Stoker 2nd Class K29293 g
Dobson, Richard Morrill Stoker 2nd Class K29673 g
Donovan, John 05/07/1876 Stoker 1st Class 05/04/1916 02/07/1916 282112 ADM 188/451/282112 g
Driver, George Stoker 1st Class SS113854 g
Drummond, William Martin 29/09/1878 Private RMLI 9614 g
Dunn, Benjamin Edward 16/07/1891 Stoker RNR 05/04/1915 03/07/1917 S 3625 BT 377/7/80285 g
Earle, Thomas 03/05/1874 Chief Stoker 06/04/1916 25/08/1917 278288 ADM 188/443/278288 g
Entwistle, William Private RMLI 18059 g
Evans, Arthur Henry Able Seaman SS2328 g
Evans, John Henry Stoker Petty Officer 309272 g
Eyles, Herbert Frederick Petty Officer 237967 g
Fairbank, Percy George Ernest Boy 1st Class J44371 g
Fairbrother, John 10/02/1875 Stoker RNR 05/04/1916 28/02/1919 V 771 BT 377/7/122681 g
Farrell, William Stoker 1st Class SS110271 g
Fisher, Robert 03/01/1888 Ship's Corporal 2nd Class J673 g
Fleming, William Thomas 28/08/1891 Able Seaman J4272 g
Foran, Charles Henry Lawrence Ordinary Seaman J30234 g
Foster, Frederick Leading Seaman 219244 g
Furber, Reginald Stoker 2nd Class K30276 g
Gale, Edward Ernest Officer's Steward 3rd Class L6036 g
Garcia, Philip 08/01/1888 232728 g
Garner, Walter Vivian Able Seaman J17190 g
Gendall, Norman Victor Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M18518 g
Gifford, Percival John Boy 1st Class J44377 g
Gill, Richard Stoker Petty Officer 302259 g
Gill, William John 30/06/1871 Engine Room Artificer 1st Class 06/04/1916 13/07/1916 268494 g
Glover, Robert Thomas Stoker 2nd Class K29433 g
Gomm, William Ordinary Telegraphist J33791 g
Gorton, Herbert Arthur 26/01/1884 M17010 g
Gould, William John Stoker 2nd Class K29577 g
Granville, Beville 11/12/1896 01/12/1923 Acting Sub-Lieutenant 06/04/1916 Navy List g
Green, William Stoker 2nd Class K30274 g
Greenall, Robert James Stoker 1st Class SS114170 g
Greenslade, Thomas 03/06/1888 231433 g
Griffiths, Thomas George Stoker 1st Class K21640 g
Grindrod, Percil Ordinary Seaman J49105 g
Grose, Joseph Raymond 13/08/1875 Chief Stoker 06/04/1916 05/08/1917 286157 ADM 188/459/286157 g
Guy, Ernest William Stoker 2nd Class K28866 g
Gyllenship, Robert William 09/06/1891 Stoker Petty Officer K4799 g
Hampton, Alfred Thomas Stoker 2nd Class K29858 g
Hanson, Joseph Stoker 1st Class SS114169 g
Harford, Benjamin 15/05/1897 Stoker 2nd Class SS117392 g
Harker, John 14/01/1891 Stoker 1st Class 03/05/1916 10/11/1916 SS110270 g
Heath, John Acting Leading Stoker 311979 g
Hemming, Edgar Stoker 1st Class K12476 g
Hemsworth, William 24/03/1892 Leading Stoker K7044 g
Higgins, Lawrence Raikes 05/03/1890 25/01/1930 Lieutenant 31/03/1916 15/07/1918 Navy List g
Hilton, George Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M18727 g
Hobbs, Leonard George Officer's Steward 3rd Class L8298 g
Hobson, Charles Henry Stoker 1st Class K12448 g
Hobson, Robert John 08/11/1883 204001 g
Hodson, Arthur Richard Chief Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class 271149 g
Holland, Albert Victor Stoker 2nd Class K29505 g
Hollister, Albert Edward Boy 1st Class J44376 g
Hopping, Percy Gerald Ship's Steward 347420 g
Howell, James William Ordinary Seaman J37269 g
Hulme, Colin 05/09/1894 M5798 g
Jackson, Tom Ordinary Seaman J49115 g
Jackson, William Henry John Private RMLI 16233 g
Jane, Albert George Officer's Steward 1st Class 363672 g
Jenkins, Alfred Chritopher Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M12727 g
Jessep, Alfred Ernest Stoker 2nd Class K29539 g
John, Arthur Able Seaman 206568 g
Johns, William Thomas 22/07/1888 2nd Sick Berth Steward 06/04/1916 28/02/1919 351678 g
Johnson, David Richards Stoker 2nd Class K29540 g
Jones, Robert Henry Officer's Steward 2nd Class L7964 g
Keane, John Able Seaman SS376 g
Kearney, Thomas 26/09/1894 Stoker 2nd Class K30280 g
Killeen, Nicholas 08/06/1888 Leading Stoker 06/04/1916 30/06/1917 234775 g
Langford, Michael 21/01/1896 J22130 g
Largan, James William 04/11/1881 Stoker RNR 06/04/1916 21/10/1916 S 4803 BT 377/7/81462 g
Lawrence, William Arthur 28/01/1894 M5433 g
Le Grys, Richard Henry Able Seaman 217663 g
Le Vack, Alexander 07/12/1890 Leading Stoker K2550 g
Leahy, Daniel 24/05/1896 Stoker 2nd Class K29122 g
Lee, George 16/04/1876 Gunner (T) 01/12/1913 18/10/1916 Navy List g
Lee, William Henry Private RMLI 15270 g
Lees, Albert Stoker Petty Officer 297304 g
Leese, Joseph Percy 02/08/1890 M8948 g
Lewis, Sidney John Private RMLI 14881 g
Light, Stanley Lewis Stoker 2nd Class K28871 g
Loughlin, John Leading Stoker 301275 g
Lowman, Edmund Joseph John Boy 1st Class J43589 g
Lowry, Charles William 11/08/1893 Leading Seaman J4858 g
Mann, William George Corporal RMLI 15734 g
Martin, Edwin Albert Ship's Cook 358142 g
Martin, Herbert 18/11/1891 Stoker 2nd Class SS117443 g
Mawson, Harry Stoker 1st Class SS105205 g
May, George Atherton Private RMLI 15008 g
Mc Pherson, George 15/11/1895 J19206 g
Mcalley, William Stoker 1st Class SS114168 g
Mccarthy, Charles Edward Boy 1st Class J43582 g
Mccleave, Thomas John Boy 1st Class J44381 g
Mckeown, Patrick Stoker 1st Class K22465 g
Melhuish, Reginald Alfred Signal Boy J33683 g
Mercer, Frederick Herbert Boy 1st Class J44378 g
Micallef, Antonio 28/04/1879 Officer's Steward 1st Class 06/04/1916 31/01/1919 355666 g
Miller, Frank George 06/08/1897 Wireman 2nd Class 06/04/1916 31/05/1918 M19099 g
Milverton, Sidney Heath 17/06/1888 229396 g
Mitcham, Edward Stoker 2nd Class K29529 g
Mitchell, John Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M16736 g
Moore, Francis John Stoker 2nd Class K29624 g
Morgan, Horace Leslie 26/12/1888 Lieutenant Navy List g
Morris, Frank Pereira Stoker 2nd Class K29508 g
Morrish, William James Henry 2nd Cook's Mate M15406 g
Morse, John Hywel Stoker 2nd Class K29544 g
Mortimore, Albert Henry Stoker 2nd Class K30327 g
Morton, Alfred 13/05/1876 Acting Leading Stoker RNR 05/04/1916 05/09/1916 U 1023 BT 377/7/119757 (then rated Stoker and on Active until 0702/1919) g
Moulds, George Stoker 2nd Class K29125 g
Mountford, Joseph Boy Telegraphist J34759 g
Mullett, Albert Henry Boy 1st Class J44374 g
Murphy, John 28/07/1890 M5261 g
Newman, Oscar Stoker Petty Officer 305303 g
Northcott, William Frederick 27/03/1879 343158 g
Norwood, Solomon 04/10/1897 Ordinary Seaman SS6898 g
Noyce, Cyril Frank Able Seaman J12090 g
Nunn, Arthur Roberts Boy 1st Class J43577 g
Oldfield, Ernest Able Seaman J13948 g
Palmer, Albert Henry 15/04/1876 Mechanician 06/04/1916 28/04/1918 280208 ADM 188/447/280208 g
Palmer, Frederick George 26/04/1891 Stoker 1st Class K4798 g
Palmer, James Leading Stoker 310249 g
Parker, William 26/06/1892 Able Seaman J6959 g
Parle, John 12/11/1896 Able Seaman J21058 g
Parrott, William Patrick Able Seaman 221863 g
Peacocke, James 17/04/1888 228857 g
Penfold, James William 16/12/1899 Boy 1st Class 06/04/1916 06/06/1917 J44369 g
Penhallurick, Edmund Treble 05/09/1878 29/05/1941 Gunner 11/03/1914 Navy List g
Pinder, Harry 22/02/1896 Ordinary Seaman J49911 g
Pirnie, Grahame Able Seaman J15313 g
Porter, Herbert Stanley 07/03/1893 M5083 g
Prescott, George Henry Ship's Cook 345581 g
Price, Frederick Stoker 1st Class SS114819 g
Price, Richard 06/10/1889 Petty Officer Telegraphist 01/04/1916 16/01/1919 234918 g
Priddle, Emanuel George Stoker 2nd Class SS117388 g
Purdy, William George Private RMLI 17634 g
Ratcliffe, George Ordinary Telegraphist J30982 g
Rawling, Walter alias Waldron 14/04/1873 Armourer 06/04/1916 28/02/1919 286479 ADM 188/459/286479 g
Ray, Arthur Stoker 1st Class SS109942 g
Rayner, Martin Henry William Boy 1st Class J44372 g
Rayson, George 14/07/1891 K29679 g
Richardson, Anthony Boy 1st Class J44387 g
Riddle, John Horatio 16/10/1891 Able Seaman J1055 g
Rigby, Jesse Wilfred Leading Stoker K15629 g
Riley, John Leading Stoker SS110239 g
Rogers, Frederick George 07/02/1885 M1675 g
Rowan, William 01/11/1896 Ordinary Seaman SS6899 g
Rowntree, William Avery Able Seaman J29966 g
Royle, David 03/01/1893 K16400 g
Russell, William 31/05/1896 Stoker 2nd Class K30283 g
Ryan, William 20/08/1887 Leading Stoker K177 g
Sanders, William Arthur Leading Telegraphist J18024 g
Sargent, Francis Thomas 26/03/1886 Chief Shipwright 31/05/1915 01/06/1916 Navy List g
Saunders, Thomas John 08/02/1894 06/11/1916 Stoker 1st Class SS114195 g
Saville, Cyril Arthur 04/05/1890 Assistant Paymaster R.N.R. 03/04/1916 28/02/1919 Navy List g
Scotland, William Gillespie Signal Boy J41174 g
Scrivens, William George Signalman J13514 g
Seeley, Thomas 08/11/1879 Mechanician 06/04/1916 13/01/1919 287060 ADM 188/461/287060 g
Sellick, William Walter Stoker 1st Class K12834 g
Shepheard, Charles Edward 03/09/1891 Leading Stoker K8964 g
Short, George Edwin Stoker 1st Class K13537 g
Simcock, William Molineaux Ship's Stores Assistant M19001 g
Skinner, William Signalman J51001 g
Sloan, Robert Gullon Able Seaman J22926 g
Smith, Arthur Albert Boy 1st Class J43587 g
Smith, Frederick Arthur Private RMLI 15694 g
Snoding, William George Boy 1st Class J43586 g
Sparksman, Wallace John 24/10/1889 Able Seaman 24/05/1916 31/10/1917 234978 g
Stevens, James Reginald 20/11/1894 Ordinary Seaman J49100 g
Steward, Kenneth Parland Poyntz 10/02/1893 Lieutenant Navy List g
Strowbridge, Thomas Henry 31/12/1889 Leading Stoker K884 g
Stuttard, Selwyn Ordinary Seaman J49112 g
Sumner, Gilbert Armourer's Crew M10687 g
Tall, Percy Hillson Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class 271790 g
Terris, Thomas 21/10/1886 Acting Boatswain 14/05/1916 04/05/1917 Navy List g
Thomas, Charles Stoker 2nd Class K29945 g
Thomas, William John Stoker 2nd Class K30845 g
Thompson, Alfred Samuel Stoker 1st Class SS111626 g
Thompson, John Oliver 16/09/1886 Warrant Engineer R.N.R. 12/01/1916 20/06/1917 Navy List g
Tope, William Henry 09/02/1880 Leading Stoker 06/04/1916 25? Feb 1919 289305 g
Trace, John 17/08/1888 Shipwright 2nd Class M17125 g
Tuckerman, John Ash 03/04/1888 228325 g
Tucknott, Frank William Stoker 2nd Class K29509 g
Tye, Robert Henry Stoker 2nd Class K29104 g
Varley, John Robert Ordinary Seaman J49114 g
Vernon, Harry Boy 1st Class J40370 g
Vizor, Aaron Stoker 2nd Class K30332 g
Walker, Joseph 18/05/1890 Stoker 1st Class K4242 g
Walters, Frederick Harold Stoker 2nd Class K30284 g
Wardell, Charles Robert Officer's Steward 3rd Class L7945 g
Warren, James Charles 26/01/1890 Able Seaman 06/04/1916 14/06/1919 236238 g
Warren, Richard 2nd Cooper 342558 g
Washer, Albert Frederick Stoker 2nd Class K29857 g
Watters, Montague Stoker 1st Class K30270 g
Weaver, Richard Stoker 2nd Class K29277 g
Websell, Walter John Stoker 2nd Class K29291 g
Wells, Edgar Charles Stoker 2nd Class K32995 g
West, Charles Stoker 2nd Class K27839 g
Westcott, William Edward 23/03/1892 Leading Stoker K6691 g
Westlake, Arthur Ernest 12/07/1873 Blacksmith 06/04/1916 05/10/1917 340304 g
Whitburn, Joseph Charles Chief Shipwright 344955 g
Whitcombe, William Fredrick 25/08/1892 Leading Stoker K9838 g
Whiteley, Selwyn Ordinary Seaman J49102 g
Whitting, George Albert 05/12/1887 Paymaster 03/04/1916 Navy List g
Wilcox, Frederick John 16/07/1877 Master At Arms 06/04/1916 07/03/1917 176726 G
Willey, James Maxwell Stoker 1st Class K23030 g
Williams, David John Cook's Mate M11255 g
Williams, George Henry 12/08/1890 K1952 g
Williams, Robert Thomas Stoker 2nd Class K29236 g
Williams, Thomas 06/06/1892 Stoker 1st Class SS113341 g
Williams, William John 20/06/1883 203842 g
Willis, Arthur Philip 06/04/1878 Stoker Petty Officer 06/04/1916 01/01/1919 285637 ADM 188/458/285637 g
Willis, William Henry 24/01/1889 M3566 g
Wilson, Frederick Stoker 1st Class SS110517 g
Wilson, James 03/06/1890 M447 g
Wilson, William 10/07/1895 Ordinary Seaman J49104 g
Withers, Percy 23/09/1875 02/02/1946 Captain 03/04/1916 05/07/1916 Navy List g
Wood, Charles William 2nd Cook's Mate M15397 g
Worsley, John William Able Seaman J24794 g
Wright, John William Boy 1st Class J43591 g
Wright, William Phinias 19/03/1897 Private 16919 g
Wright, Wm. A. Canteen Server ADM 171/133 Pg 565 B
Yearron, Henry Percy 31/05/1889 Leading Signalman 06/04/1916 30/06/1917 233425 g
Zarb, Joseph 25/01/1889 Officer's Cook 1st Class 06/04/1916 19/07/1918 L684 Photo g