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No. 1985/H.F.0022. " Iron Duke,"
29 August 1916.


With reference to Admiralty letter M. 05697 of 8 July 1916, enclosing a proof of the Narrative of the action with the German High Sea Fleet on 31 May-1 June 1916, be pleased to inform the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty that the proof has been corrected and is returned herewith. 2. The plan of the battle was found to require amendment and a revised tracing is therefore enclosed, together with an additional tracing showing the order of the Battlefleet.

I am, Sir,

Your obedient Servant,



The Secretary of the Admiral.

Note.—Admiral of the Fleet Viscount Jellicoe is of opinion from later consideration of all the evidence that the original Plan (Plate la), forwarded with his Despatch of 18th June 1916, is more correct than the revised Plan referred to in the above letter of the 29th August 1916 (Plate 4a).

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